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Firefighting Skycranes Make Bankstown Homebase for Summer

31 October 2012

The specialist firefighting Erickson Skycrane Helitankers, Camille and Malcolm, have been allocated to operate from Sydney Metro Airport Bankstown in readiness for the summer fire season.

“The Helitankers have travelled from Europe via Melbourne, after operating in the northern hemisphere summer.  From Melbourne the Helitankers made their way to Bankstown Airport to be prepared and become operational for their latest tour of duty in Australia,” said Mr Colin Grove, CEO, Sydney Metro Airport Bankstown.

Mr Grove also added “Similarly to all other emergency services helicopters based on Bankstown Airport the Helitankers will be on call 24 hours, 7 days a week in response to the tactical requirements of the emergency services.  Notwithstanding the environmental impact of on-call operations on the surrounding community, the Airport acknowledges the important role emergency services aircraft play in protecting and assisting all communities across New South Wales. 

The Helitankers come with their own crews, comprising of International and Australian crewmembers.  The crews will be based in Bankstown over the summer and will be located in the south west sector of the Airport.  The Helitankers have the ability to take in 9,500 litres of water in under 40 seconds and are an important weapon in fighting intense Australian bushfires.

“Recent statements by the NSW Rural Fire Service indicate this summer is expected to be dryer and hotter than the previous couple of summers.  The Service is urging the public to prepare a Bush Fire Survival Plan in readiness, even homes in city areas. 

Media Information: Meredith Laverty 0414-523-060

To prepare for your home for the Bush Fire Season – visit NSW Rural Fire Service



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