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Environment Policy

Bankstown Airport Limited’s (“BAL”) management and staff are committed to providing a centre of excellence for aviation, commercial and industrial facilities at Bankstown Airport.  

All staff appreciate that this commitment must include the adoption of best practice environmental management systems to ensure on-going improvement to the environmental health of the airport. 

BAL is committed to:
  • Promoting and implementing sound environmental management policies and practices in all airport activities;
  • Increasing the awareness of environmental responsibilities amongst staff and tenants;
  • Meeting, and wherever possible, exceeding the statutory obligations of relevant environmental legislation;
  • Promoting and applying the minimisation of waste and pollution, and operating effective waste management procedures;
  • Promoting purchasing policies within the airport environment, which will give preference, as far as practicable, to those products and services which cause the least harm to the environment;
  • Continuing to promote consultation with the major stakeholders, including the community, to ensure that their views regarding environmental issues are considered;
  • Training staff and liaising with tenants on a continuing basis on environmental issues, and their responsibilities towards protecting the environment;
  • Providing sufficient resources to meet management’s environmental objectives; and
  • Continually measuring, monitoring, reporting and improving upon the environmental performance.

Colin Grove
Chief Executive Officer
22 April 2015