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Sydney Metro Airport Bankstown has been granted an extension to lodge its Master Plan on 15 July 2014.

Sydney Metro Airport Bankstown is subject to a planning framework in the Airports Act 1996 (the Airports Act). As part of the planning framework, airports are required to prepare a Master Plan that incorporates an Environment Strategy. The Master Plan is a 20 year strategic vision for the airport which is renewed every five years. The Master Plan includes future land uses, types of permitted development, and noise and environmental impacts. The Environment Strategy sets out the airport’s strategy to manage environmental issues within a 5 year period and beyond

In developing their Master Plans airports must publish a Preliminary Draft Master Plan and invite public comment.

There will be significant opportunities to comment on the Preliminary Draft Master Plan for all of our stakeholders including customers, elected representatives, government agencies and members of the community to provide submissions. The Airport will advise it stakeholders of the consultation period through numerous channels including the local media, forums, direct correspondence and through this website.

Sydney Metro Airport Bankstown offers several forums for members of the public to engage with the Airport such as the Planning Coordination Forum and the Bankstown Airport Community Aviation Consultation Group.

Until a new Preliminary Draft Master Plan is developed, the 2005 Master Plan remains in force.

Planning Coordination Forum

Sydney Metro Airport Bankstown operates a Planning Coordination Forum as part of its ongoing commitment to consultation and compliance obligations to the Airports Act 1996. Members of the Planning Coordination Forum include Bankstown City Council, Planning NSW and the Federal Department of Infrastructure and Transport.

The Planning Coordination Forum meets every six months to discuss on- and off-airport strategic planning matters.

Community Aviation Consultation Group

The Bankstown Airport Community Aviation Consultation Group (BACACG), formerly the BACCF has been in operation since 2005. Representative members of the community are selected based on an open expression of interest and their ability to meet specifically designed criteria. An independent and skilled chairperson is engaged to chair the meetings.

The Group is not an arbitration or decision making body and has no power to direct or implement Commonwealth, State/Territory, Local Government or Airport policy in regards to the development of Bankstown Airport.
The BACACG seeks to:
  • Identify local issues to be considered during the airport development process.
  • Assist in resolving and prioritising issues based on local knowledge.
  • Present the views of the broader community.
  • Review drafts of development plans and provide comment.
  • Brief the community on the development and operation of the Airport.
  • Table at meetings the views of community-based organisations and the broader community.
The Bankstown Airport Community Aviation Consultation Group refers to the following documents to guide their discussions.

The Bankstown Airport Community Aviation Consultation Group can be contacted via:


Fax:      (02) 9791 0230

Post:     BACACG Chairperson

              c/- Bankstown Airport Limited

              3 Avro Street

              Bankstown Airport NSW 2200