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Bankstown Airport Community Aviation Consultation Group

The Bankstown Airport Community Aviation Consultation Group (BACACG), formerly the BACCF has been in operation since 2005. Representative members of the community are selected based on an open expression of interest and their ability to meet specifically designed criteria. An independent and skilled chairperson is engaged to chair the meetings.

The role of the BACACG is to enable stakeholders to be consulted and become involved in the master planning process and issues relating to the ongoing management of the Airport in a constructive and effective manner.

The BACACG seeks to:

  • Identify local issues to be considered during the airport development process.
  • Assist in resolving and prioritising issues based on local knowledge.
  • Present the views of the broader community.
  • Review drafts of development plans and provide comment.
  • Brief the community on the development and operation of the Airport.
  • Table at meetings the views of community-based organisations and the broader community.

The Bankstown Airport Community Aviation Consultation Group refers to the following documents to guide their discussions.

* Bankstown Airport Environment Strategy 2014
* Bankstown Airport Master Plan 2014 & Airport Environment Strategy
* Community Aviation Group Guidelines

The Bankstown Airport Community Aviation Consultation Group can be contacted via:

Fax:      (02) 9791 0230
Post:     BACACG Chairperson
             c/- Bankstown Airport Limited
             PO Box 6450
             Wetherill Park NSW 1851

Application forms are available to download from our website or by telephoning 02 8709 9400.



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