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About Sydney Metro Airport Bankstown

Sydney Metro Airport Bankstown is located in the centre of metropolitan Sydney, in close proximity to the Sydney Central Business District and Western Sydney business hubs.

Sydney Metro Airport Bankstown is an exceptional business location with a thriving business park with over 160 tenants on site.

Sydney Metro Airport Bankstown is a major centre of economic activity generating employment for 3,000 people and makes a significant contribution to the local economy.

Sydney Metro Airports Bankstown (and Camden) are the leading General Aviation and Recreation Airports in New South Wales. The Airports operate through the trading entities of Bankstown Airport Limited and Camden Airport Limited. Both Airports are wholly owned subsidiaries of BAC Airports Pty Limited. BAC Airports is a privately held company.

The mission of Bankstown Airport is "to meet the current general aviation, parcel freight and niche passenger aviation needs of Sydney and develop the aviation and property assets to maintain maximum sustainable value."

Bankstown Airport Limited is a commercial business with the aim of maximising shareholder return on their investment in the Airport’s significant infrastructure assets, while operating the Airport safely and efficiently.

The management team is committed to:
  • Develop a corporate profile to support the Airport community, commercial and operational interests.
  • Develop the excess capacity at Bankstown Airport in the areas of freight and niche Scheduled Passenger Transport (SPT), within the policy and regulatory framework.
  • Actively expand the property portfolio.
Bankstown Airport Limited operates as good corporate citizens with a demonstrated commitment to community and environmental issues, and to the delivery of safe and uninterrupted aviation operations.

Sydney Metro Airports Bankstown and Camden are members of the Tourism & Transport Forum and Infrastructure Partnerships Australia


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